Progetto Azaria

The "Fondazione Domus Angelorum - Onlus",
presented the Azaria Project at the beginning of 2016.
Azaria This major project involves the construction of "A
Centre of Excellence for Treatment and Research on
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental", which
concretized in the following services:
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Progetto Azaria
Center of Functional Rehabilitation of Subjects Carriers of Disability Physical/Psychic/ Sensory
Outpatient Rehabilitation Center
Center of Diagnostic Imaging
Laboratory Analysis
The project involves the construction of a multifunctional center, in which
integrate three areas:

Health: with a rehabilitation activities Functional, Health and Therapeutics,
carried out in semi-residential and residential form for minors with Disabilities
Developmental with particular attention to Research and Training

Social: with dedicated activities to help families through the agreements with
the Welfare and Assistance Funds, with the Insurances and the assigning Care

Environment: With the recovery of abandoned structures and brownfield green
area. The restructuring will be carried out with materials, tools and systems that
promote energy conservation (Green Economy).
Fondazione Domvs Angelorvm
Fondazione Domvs Angelorvm
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