The December 24, 2014, to honor the memory of a special guy, Filippo Ghilione,
who died the August 24, 2012, at age 17, so was born the Association "
Giardino di Filippo

We had the opportunity and the privilege of living next to our Filippo and receive
from him the fundamental teachings related to various aspects of growth.
Filippo is a boy with a strong intelligence and an uncommon sensitivity; it left a
deep mark on many people who knew him.

From this experience, which has been together educational, moral and scientific,
we want to begin to support families who are experiencing today our same
Thus began to take shape what, until then, it was just only a thought: the
Project Azaria
"; study finalized to provide practical assistance to Children
who have Neurological Disorders, in particular persons with Developmental
Disabilities and Disorders Autism Spectrum.
The April 8, 2016 was born the "
Fondazione Domus Angelorum - Onlus
which takes charge of the "
Project Azaria
" to lead him to the realization.

The Foundation is non-profit and operates for the exclusive purpose of activities
aimed at social solidarity in the fields of Health Care, the Charities and Scientific
Research, in particular in the field of the study and treatment for minor subjects
with severe Autism Spectrum Disorders and Disorders Developmental, also
managing their clinical, functional rehabilitation centers, health rehabilitation
centers, dedicated to the purposes described above.
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Fondazione Domus Angelorum  - Onlus
Fondazione Domvs Angelorvm
Fondazione Domvs Angelorvm
“The first need is to feel good”
                                       Filippo Ghilione
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